• 10+ yrs in yachting industry
• 15+ yrs Marine experience
• Team of Master Mariners, Engineers, designers and Senior specialists
• Numerous Refits, dry docks and New Builds experience

• Planning
• Identifying the desired/intended outcomes
• Project development
• Project execution
• System inspection on completion

we rely on already proved systems for home automation. Based on our experience in the customizing of such systems for at sea, we know that some technical specifics should be considered. In order the system to provide reliable operation and performance even used in unpleasant for electronics marine environment. We also have an option to respond to alternative custom inquires with another custom-made hardware and software. Clients have the option for custom product redesign.


Our team of marine specialists and craftsmen is able to smoothly complete any installation of such systems at any location

We provide multiple choices for technical service and maintenance through mobile and or remote service. Our team can support you in such a way that is the most convenient for you.