Automated control and monitoring of electrical consumers


Energy and Service efficiency

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Automated scenarios are very likely to reduce power consumption. Keep your systems and appliances on low or idle mode during the moments when the need of their use is minimal.
You can opt out a more precise control over the heating, cooling and lighting by smart programming that learns your schedule and preferences and then suggests the best energy efficient settings throughout the day.
Take the “good night” mode as an example whereas all interior lighting could be switched off and air conditioning reduced to the desired temperature. Respectively in the morning “good morning” mode will be activated by creating the necessary conditions for a comfortable beginning of the day.
SERVICE EFFICIENCY - Automation is rapidly entering our lives but we still cannot ignore the need of experienced crew on board. On the other side our safety and security at sea is their responsibility. Our comfort depends on their productivity. Smart systems allow for optimization and improvement of crew performance by eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks and thus reduce job stress and failure rates. No one is perfect and we are all prone to make mistakes. By adjusting the system settings for executing these very often even annoying tasks you can obtain consistent reliability and thus enhance crew lifestyle and service quality focus.C
How to obtain a better service? How to reduce wasted time of the crew? And why do crew members waste their time? Myself, as an experienced person in the field who did many times encounter such situations, can give a very clear answer to those questions: produce a workflow analysis, asses the risk and take precautions for both – risk mitigation and process optimization.  Herewith some examples:
ü Automated / remote control on the ladder accessible for each crew member - Provides for authorized access and enhanced security.
So the officer on watch at night is released from the responsibility to wait for all the crew members to return from shore and he can peacefully carry out his duties without worrying about the access control and the security on board !!!
ü Automation of washing and drying machines – provides for a better planning and less irrelevant exercises
Saves time and effort for unnecessary checks on the machines working cycle status. A notification to one or more crew members is sent at the moment the washing has completed.
ü Receive guest orders directly on your watch or smartphone – provides for a faster time service and planning
ü Automated routine and extraordinary tasks settings – provides for 24/7 operations accuracy
Very often the human factor takes place on board. Although having an experienced crew they can skip their duties or to forget to complete properly their daily procedures. When the system is programmed to perform a task its accuracy is far greater.